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Impact Achievement Group

Impact Achievement Group is a training and performance management consulting company. Based in Redmond, Washington, the company offers services in leadership and management development, customer loyalty, coaching, assessments, and succession planning.


One of Impact Achievement Group’s key clients, a large grocery chain, wanted to transition from paper to web-based assessments.

The grocery chain employees have limited access to computers and many are without a work e-mail address. Without individual e-mail addresses, the web-based assessment process doesn’t lend itself well to survey administration, distribution, and rater anonymity. TBC needed to develop a customized solution that:

  • Efficiently distributed web-based surveys to employees without their own personal computers and email addresses at work
  • Maintained rater anonymity and protected confidential data


TBC created a unique solution for the industry, known as the “kiosk method”, for administering web-based assessments in a retail (or manufacturing) environment, where computers are limited and work e-mail addresses are not available. This creative method provided Impact Achievement Group and its client:

  • Ability for participants to distribute surveys to their raters without the use of e-mail addresses
  • Capability to take the surveys from as little as one computer in the workplace and still maintain rater anonymity and confidentiality

This solution was provided on time and under budget. And since implementing the kiosk method, the grocery chain has experienced a very high return rate in completed assessments. Ultimately, this solution allowed store managers to receive critical feedback on their skills, in an environment that is efficient, and without sacrificing data integrity.

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Products and Services Used

  • TruScore® Hosting
  • Client Survey Hosting
  • Custom Reporting